COVID – 19 Club Rules and Guidelines until further notice

You MUST wear and are REQUIRED to wear a disposable or cloth facemask covering your MOUTH and NOSE while away from your table, in the facility, and ordering. THIS IS A STATE MANDATE AND WILL BE FOLLOWED BY OUR MEMBERS WHO WISH TO BE HERE.

All members must have their official receipt on their person and present it to the bartender upon entering. – If you have not received your card in the mail, it may be behind the bar, ask the bartender or an available trustee politely to take a look for it. Guests are permitted, you are responsible for your guests and they must leave when you do.

When ordering, maintain the six (6) foot social distancing and pay attention to the distance markers on the floor.

No beverages will be served in glass at this time if you are planning on going outside. DO NOT take glasses outdoors, if you want to take your drink outside get a plastic glass from the bartender.

DO NOT move the tables or add additional chairs to accommodate more people. There is a maximum of six (6) people per table – no exceptions.

No moving between tables. No exceptions – once seated, that is your location. People entering the seating area for the first time may join you, but may not change tables after picking a seat.

There is now seating in the social room and in the banquet room. The seating in the social room is limited to maintain social distancing.

Keep your beverages in the designated outdoor seating area. Removal of alcohol from this area will result in disciplinary action.

Please wash / sanitize your hands frequently.

There are multiple stations with hand sanitizer and disinfectant for tables and chairs, staff will be vigilant about cleaning these surfaces between groups; however, you may feel free to wipe down your table at any time.

Failure to follow all guidelines or attempt to justify “loopholes” will result in disciplinary action. – and may result in the club’s ability to stay open as well. Remember, your actions can affect all members.

If you are sick or not feeling well – STAY AT HOME

While these guidelines are strict, it is our goal to maintain the safety of all members and staff, and follow all State, County, and City safety guidelines during this pandemic.