Aerie and Auxiliary Officers of the West Seattle Eagles Aerie #2643 for 2018-2019 Year.

Aerie Officers

Jr. Past President John Ledeman

Worthy President Marcus Higbee

Worthy Vice President Russ Martiens PWP

Worthy Chaplain Patrick Wirth

Worthy Secretary Justice Moon

Worthy Treasurer

Worthy Conductor

Worthy Inside Guard   

Trustee Chair John Ledeman

Trustee Grant Varney

Trustee Dennis Snell

Trustee Cam Orgaard

Trustee Stan Richards

Aerie Father Harry Arthur

Auxiliary Officers

Jr. Past President Linda Fittro PMP

Madam President Diane Bals PMP

Madam Vice President Gisela Grieb

Madam Chaplain Barbara Ball

Madam Secretary Holly Gregg

Madam Treasurer Shirley Stubben

Madam Conductor Ricki Jo Brown

Madam Guard Amy Ojendyk

Trustee Yvonne Davalos

Trustee Debbie McGee

Trustee Debra Van Ryn PMP

Auxiliary Mother Shirley Stubben